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2013 - the year our synths fry? (along with other electronics)

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I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but this one seems legit.... Apparently in 2013 the sun will peak with solar storms creating massive geomagnetic storms on earth frying all electronics. Any experts here? Should I sell my studio? I'm actually quite serious. I hate the idea of losing, basically, everything I own.


I think you should just build a little tinfoil hat for each of your synths.


Seriously, the idea that there's this electromagnetic space storm coming that's going to wipe out all electronics on earth sounds like a bad Independence Day sequel.

warning!   warning!   warning!   warning!  warning!
Please place all electronic instruments in your official Sun Shield Protection Unit...   Solar Disturbance in 10... 9...  8...

All joking aside - the sun does screw up elecronics quite a bit.

Well, I really am a logical thinker and I don't know what to think about this when it's backed up by scientists and the topic is printed in respectable news outlets. But, not being an expert on this I don't know, you know. One of my personal ideas is that you simply can't control or fully protect yourself from these kinds of mass earth-changing events. We're pretty much at the mercy of Earth and the Universe. That said, is there a practical and affordable thing we can do to protect our electronics or is it futile and pointless?

the article says to build a Faraday Box or something ... (ok ok I could reopen the article =- which I enjoyed reading by the way!)

So this Faraday thing - wasn't that on LOST???



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