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UPDATE: OTP announces Periphery releases now available


Anodize DB:

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Periphery, a limited edition series of recordings that chart the same uncategorizable styles, approaches, and dynamics that are the trademark of OTP artists.

Periphery releases are housed in digipaks and come as factory-pressed CDs in editions of 300.

All three titles are NOW AVAILABLE. Click to purchase.

Sophomore effort by the duo of James Spitznagel (visual and audio artist, owner of the Level Green imprint) and Trevor Pinch (Analog Days author, professor, and Moog devoteé), incorporeal soundsculpting arising from the collision of knob and touchscreen.

RICHARD LAINHART Polychromatic Integers (OTP2011)
Archival, unreleased gems culled from Richard Lainhart's prototypical late 80s phase, a continuation and summation of the varied modes of digital expression first actualized on his remarkable debut These Last Days, veering between wayward guitar mesmerics and drone existentialism to offworld tribal process music.

HOME PATTERNING A One Thousand Pulses Compendium (OTP3011)
OTP's first compilation, Home Patterning, highlights some of the series' finest moments, extracted from a year-and-a-half of unique and special performances. Includes tracks by Robert Rich, Malcolm Cecil & The Electric Golem, Rapoon, Eraldo Bernocchi, Chuck Van Zyl, Tim Motzer, Kevin Kissinger, and more.

Watch this space, in addition to our OTP Twitter and Facebook feeds, for further updates.

Definitely looking forward to the launch of your label, Darren.

Anodize DB:

--- Quote from: mgriffin on June 22, 2011, 08:12:39 AM ---Definitely looking forward to the launch of your label, Darren.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Mike.

Masters/art were sent to the plant last week; should have physical copies back week of July 4th.

The first rule of record label ownership: Expect something to go wrong!


Anodize DB:
I'm pleased to announce that the Home Patterning compilation is now in stock and available for purchase via the Periphery page:

Periphery releases are also available, both in analog & digital formats, via the usual sources — CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, etc. — and soon @ Hypnos, Experimedia and many other worldwide outlets.

Thank you for your support of Periphery & its artists - more soon!


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