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Jeff Sampson: Requiem in Shallows


Jeff Sampson:
Hi folks:

It's been awhile since I had an album of my own out, but that changed a couple of days ago when Requiem in Shallows was released on Treetrunk Records. The description that goes with it:

"History is littered with examples of great civilizations, cultures, and economic empires that reached a point where they could no longer sustain themselves. Complacence washed over the great majority. Where once there had been forward-thinking, it had receded to a dark shallowness sucking the light, and life, from any who raised a warning cry. Apathy set in. The foundations and structures the greatness had been built on were ignored, forgotten, and eroded. This music is in recognition of those great entities that once were.

Created with just my voice and live processing. The album is streamable, downloadable, and free. Thank you - very much - for listening.

Highly recommended, and not just because I run Treetrunk.

Truly magnificent piece of music, Jeff!!! It left me breathless, I hope one day this amazing release will be available also as a physical CD, I think it would be greatly deserved. And a really nice cover image too. For example it would fit nicely into Hic Sunt Leones roster even if Stefano releases mostly his own Alio Die project plus Aglaia, but from time to time also some other lesser known artists/bands are released. Anyway, thank you so much for this beautiful listening experience even if, as a really big collector of physical CDs, I don't download any music. All the best from Slovakia... :)


As the dude who runs Treetrunk, I would never want to interfere with the success of a Treetrunk artist. If there is a cd label out there, someone who wants to release "Requiem" in that fashion, and who Jeff agrees to work with, I would totally support that.

My goal as a netlabel chief is not to limit artistic expression but to encourage it.

I would even be willing to take Jeff's release down from the archive if it was ever necessary for promoting a cd or other physical release.

As things stand, I hope people will not mind listening at Treetrunk, for free, and enjoying the great work Jeff has done.


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