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Started by El culto, August 04, 2011, 09:24:29 AM

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El culto

Hi there,

not that this portal was ever something very serious and handy but they just don´t listen to users at all and even was restricting options without announcing it.

The cherry on the top was yesterday - i got an invitation and opened the site (which i haven´t done now for ages) - then i clicked on the play button on the first track. And what for hell happened? A new site (!!!!) opens just for the bullshit player - this is completly rediclious and stupid.

In a "very good mood" after this i deleted right away any account i had there. Or better i tried (hahahahaha) - first you have to go through several steps (why you want to delete your account?) and if you don´t click one of the pre-option it doesn´t continoue (LOL). So if you click on one option, then there comes an "convincing mode window" how you can solve the you have to click once more on "Cancel Account" - and then there come another one where you have to click again "Cancel Account" - wooow, seems there are some idiots doing their job (very proper)!

Finally i clicked on the last button......and.............nothing happened (hahahahaha) - only if i pushed it (not joking) in a machine gun effect in one step it worked! Its very likely they have builded something on this last button that you cannot go through it by several clicks!

I really hope Myspace will soon crashing and have to stop business....this bullshit needs to be cleaned up from the market.



I agree a thousand times. And the reason I hadn't deleted my accound (yet) is because I still think it's worth to have it for promotional purposes (not that I use it anymore, just for being able to be found through the google).

And nope, I am not a facebook fan either. Neither Soundcloud. I prefer Bandcamp, personally.


MySpace is truly awful now. I honestly can not even figure out how to edit the page any ore it's becme so complicated and messy. Nothing makes sense. I really wonder what the heck they were thinking. I'd shut my page down except I managed to secure the "numina" name for the page link so I fear someone else may hijack it so will just keep it as is. I used to like the site bit now it's one big cluster of mess and advertisements.


It's almost as if they ran it down on purpose, the navigation has become utterly cryptic and non-functional. Old Bob lost a packet on this one and more to the point, something useful was mangled beyond usability.

Jeff Sampson

I rolled out of it this time last year - and nothing that has gone on there since has made me regret it.
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I am pondering dumping Myspace as well due to convoluted menus to get to what used to be very simple things (emails and friend requests). Since when did friend requests become automatic and can I turn that off? I don't recall that change. I am just sick of all the advertising schlock on it compared to over a year ago....and I rarely log into the site. I emailed a bunch who continually mail me updates to remove me from their list yet they don't comply? Another negative checkmark from them AND myspace.