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Sad news about Barry Craig, better known as A Produce

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I've just learned that Barry Craig, known to ambient music listeners as A Produce, passed away yesterday. Few details are known as yet, but we believe the cause of death to be illness, possibly pancreatitis, and that Barry was 59.

The work of A Produce stands among the best work in the ambient and trance music field. Much of his work was released on his own Trance Port label dating back to the early 90s, often in beautiful letterpress folder editions for such releases as Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo, Land of 1000 Trances, White Sands, and Inscape and Landscape. More recently Trance Port Special Editions had released CDR versions of new albums as well as reissues of out of print items.

A Produce also released Altara, a collaboration with me (Hypnos founder M. Griffin) on Hypnos in 1999, and the solo album Smile on the Void on Hypnos in 2001. Most recently his collaboration Intangible with Loren Nerell came out on Hypnos this year.

A Produce artist page on Hypnos
A Produce information
Trance Port label information

We're very sorry to say goodbye to a talented recording artist at a time when he had recently been creating some of his best work. We will add more information when we have it.

I'll try to gather some A Produce pictures, but many of them seem to be at least 15 years old. This is the first A Produce picture I remember seeing -- possibly in Wind and Wire magazine in the mid 90s?

Very sad to hear this. I've purchased most of Barry's A Produce albums and enjoyed his work very much. My condolences to his family. We'll miss his artistry, but at least his music will live on. If you haven't heard A Produce, check out the sound samples here on Hypnos.

My first A Produce CD (as a listener, I mean -- this pre-dated Hypnos by a few years), the letterpress folder EP version of A Smooth Surface from 1994.

To this day, that extended track remains one of my favorite A Produce pieces.

Original letterpress version of Land of a Thousand Trances, which Barry always code-named 1000T (even before the T-1000 in Terminator 2).  1994. This album was later reissued on CDR.


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