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Sad news about Barry Craig, better known as A Produce

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Mark Mushet:
Another reason to absolutely loathe CD-Rs: I just found my copy of Barry's  "A Smooth Surface - Special Edition" disc. Of course, it loaded and virtually self destructed in my MacBook's CD drive. Was barely able to get 5 of the 6 tracks loaded into iTunes to salvage them. It's made by TDK and appears pristine. CD-Rs are absolutely fucking evil...and I can't e-mail of phone Barry to get a replacement...

In this case, Mark, the problem isn't the CDR medium but the stick-on labels Barry used for his Trance Port Special Editions.

It's my belief that stick-on CD labels are responsible for at least 90% of the problems people report with CDR releases. Either the labels are stuck on the disc off-center (so the disc's rotation is imperfect), or they come un-stuck inside the player, or they warp the disc slightly so the laser has a hard time reading the disc.

Mark Mushet:
I know Barry very much preferred properly pressed CDs to having to go with CD-Rs. If I recall correctly we had a few conversations about the Opal Eno installation soundtrack CD-Rs (at $28 bucks apiece) failing soon after release (all but one of mine are now toast).

Your thinking on this does make a certain amount of sense but I've had too many non-labelled CD-Rs fail on me as well. In this case, Barry's CD-R is playing in one CD player fine. But in the MacBook it literally grinds to a halt. That may be the result of the combination of the drive design/sensitivity and sticker placement thickness.

But in any case I must ask: "What would Barry do?" I think he'd be pretty frustrated and wish it had been pressed as a proper disc!

drone on:
Avoid TDK blanks at all costs.  Almost every bad CDR I've encountered has been TDK...


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