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Sad news about Barry Craig, better known as A Produce

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White Sands was kind of an oddball among Barry's albums, including both a selection of previously-released tracks from other albums, and a number of new tracks. This 1995 album was another of Trance Port's letterpress folder editions.

Inscape and Landscape was the last of the letterpress folder editions, and the most handsome of all, with multiple ink colors including metallic gold. While it made for a beautiful package, and the album sold quite well (back in 1996 when lots of people still eagerly purchased CDs), Barry said the expense of getting these folders printed meant even if he sold all the copies he made, he still wouldn't break even. For this reason, after this release he moved on to a jewel case release for his next album.

Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo came out in 1997, Barry's first jewel case CD edition. This album, actually a "deluxe" reissue of one of his earliest recordings, came out around the same time I started Hypnos. I wrote to him after reading one of his magazine interviews, and he sent me a copy.

This led to a new, exclusive A Produce track being included on the Hypnos compilation The Other World in early 1998, as well as laying the groundwork for my own collaboration with A Produce, Altara, which came out at the end of 1999.

Chad Hoefler:
This is very sad news, indeed.

As I got to know Barry a little better, and we commenced work on Altara (which would be an 18 month marathon collaboration-by-mail), he began suggesting friends of his for consideration as possible Hypnos artists, or at least to contribute to one of our various artists compilations. These compilations were assembled with a "no repeat" policy, so once a track by A Produce appeared on The Other World, we couldn't use a track by him again in the future... so Barry sent a number of other artists my way.

Weightless, Effortless, our 1999 compilation release, included tracks by Dean DeBenedictis (aka Surface 10), Loren Nerell and Scott Fraser, all of whom were referred to me by Barry.


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