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Hypnos Recordings is pleased to announce a renewed affiliation with an
artist we've worked with before, but who has been involved in his own label
for the past several years.  In 2000 through 2002, James Johnson released
the solo albums Entering Twilight and The Butterfly Chamber, as well
as Seed with Ma Ja Le. 

We will follow up with more specific announcements about individual upcoming
projects, but at this time are happy to announce our partnership.

I should follow-up by saying that we are very excited and optimistic about how this will work out for everyone involved -- for Hypnos, for James, and for listeners and fans of ambient music, Hypnos Recordings, and James Johnson

James and I have talked about his longer-term plans as a recording artist, and the future should see plenty of CD releases in a range of styles.

James Johnson:
After 7 great years of heading up AtmoWorks.com & 4 years before that as "Zero Music", I've come completely full circle and am grateful to be an active member of the HYPNOS family once again.  I have turned over the keys to AtmoWorks.com to my good friend John Strate-Hootman, and wish John the best of success with the continuation of AtmoWorks.com.

Demand for my sound design work has expaned to such an extent, that I've simply ran out of time to do any "LABEL" type activities beyond a simple web update here and there. Now that I've partnered up with Mike, I expect to be able to concentrate my time on composing and sound design solely.

I'm very excited about all this and am very much looking forward to the long term future with HYPNOS.


Scott M2:
That's great news!  I'm still big on CDs for listening to most of my music and will really appreciate some new releases from James on the silver discs.

James - congratulations on your partnership with Hypnos!   Always love your work - looking forward to the new stuff when you get time between the sound design work. 



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