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new - THE CIRCULAR RUINS: We Leave Everything Behind

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New release now available from DataObscura:


The Circular Ruins :: We Leave Everything Behind

Composed over the first half of 2011 these 12 compositions are very much a response
to the nostalgia and loss of passing time. Lives that were waiting for us in the future,
all too soon fall away behind us ... beyond our vision, beyond our memory, beyond
retrieval.  We Leave Everything Behind is a unique and mesmerizing tapestry of sound
that contains all the sonic drama and poetic delicacy we have come to expect from
The Circular Ruins.

Here are MP3 samples from 8 of the 12 tracks :

- Introduction
- Seance
- The Things We Cannot Do
- We Leave Everything Behind
- Lost Time part 3
- Perpetuum Mobile
- Reunited
- Dust of the River
- Lost Time part 4

Samples are also at the link below (in a convenient player).

Available on disk or as a download :
TCR: We Leave Everything Behind, at DataObscura

Thanks for checking it out.
Comments and questions welcomed.


Hi Anthony,

thank you so much for the latest news, I really look forward to "We Leave Everything Behind"!!! Just ordered, no need to listen to samples, I prefer to wait until the album arrives. And also the credibility of The Circular Ruins speaks for itself. The artwork looks very nice, including panoramic insert picture and I am sure the sonics will be as much attractive.

All the best and have a wonderful autumn time in Southern Ontario... :)


Much appreciated, Richard.   8)


Note: I have increased the length of a few of the samples.
And added the complete track "Seance" to the dataobscura radio page.
You might have to clear your browser cache if you have been there recently.


I just ordered it , as well. Anything by Nunc Stans in the works?

Excellent news!


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