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Phobos 2011-2012 Update

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Just uploaded to Soundcloud is an excerpt from a new album and from what will hopefully be a series of releases with the focus on relaxation, meditation and sleep. Subliminal Dreams Vol 1 is intended for low volume continuous playback. This will be available as a download probably via Bandcamp, in FLAC mp3, etc. Release date will most likely be October 1st.


I am also currently preparing for a live concert at Awakenings, Burton on Trent, UK  on October 22nd. More on this later.


Finally sometime in the first half of 2012 there will be another "proper" Phobos album. The album is to be called "Darker" and will feature music that is slightly darker than the previous albums. More details regarding sound clips and release formats in early 2012.

all sounds good stuff, look forward to it. 8)


your long forms are deep and mysterious
and are some of my favorites of the last couple of years

looking forward to new phobos art ahead          h

Thank you Andy and Thank You Jeffrey

I'm loving "The Light Goes Out", it's simply amazing...looking forward to the downloads... :)


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