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Now available from Gears of Sand: Himmelhvælv by Rumforskning


Ben Fleury-Steiner:

We are extremely proud to release this brand new work by one of our favorite groups out there, Rumforskning.  Danny and Mads create the kind of 'sounds of impermanence' that strike to the core of the GoS aesthetic: minimal, haunting, but always evolving, however subtly.

Regarding this work, we asked Rumsforskning to provide us insight into the inspiration behind Himmelhvælv:

R: "When we look at the night sky we get a sense of space as a very dark and empty place. However space is much more than what we can make sense of. Dark matter/energy are just words used to hint at a description of what is ultimately unperceivable to us. Himmelhvælv draws a line between the shortcomings of both scientific description and religious myth, and portrays space as an abstract place ruled by unfamiliar shapes."

GoS: "How would you summarize Rumforskning's sonic approach on this work?"

R: "Despite Denmark being a fairly small place, we are located in separate cities when we make the music. One of us usually starts out with a very minimal sketch and we let it exchange back and forth between us with more layers getting added at each place until a sort of critical mass is reached, and we begin to think of it as a finished track. We always strive to keep the layers within a rather narrow aesthetics, which allows us to claim the music portrays some kind of astronomical event. It's the final interpretability of the music as a metaphor for outer space that makes all the difference to us when we judge the quality of a work in progress."

Purchase and Sound Samples Click the Link Below:

I've been looking forward to hearing this one, Ben.

Are there any more samples than the one 2min piece on cdbaby ?

Ben Fleury-Steiner:
Hey Tony--Unfortunately, w/ cdbaby that's the best I can do for samples...But I would be very surprised if you were disappointed w/ Himmelhvælv  ;)  best, ben


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