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Facebook - pondering the unthinkable

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I told my wife this morning I was thinking of deleting my facebook account. 

Of course - I know facebook will never delete my information - but at least I won't be adding to it.

It's hard to detach from facebook though - since my family is on there.   And let's face it - it's one of the only ways I ever find out what my nieces and nephews are up to and the occasional tidbit from my more far flung family. 

I've heard of many people deleting their FB accounts lately, including people who were using it quite a bit even very recently. G+ is one reason, and the recent changes are another, but probably the biggest reason is FB's really awful policies with regard to privacy and sharing/selling of your personal data.

If you're going to delete your account, I'd suggest deleting the content (notes, photos and videos) several days before you delete the account. I've heard deleted account is purged as long as the account is still open... and they only hold onto your stuff if it's intact in an account you ask to close.

I'll keep my FB account for now, but I won't for a second kid myself that anything I post up there is "private," and I'll always assume they'll sell any of my information they consider marketable.

Bill Binkelman:
I really dislike the latest changes to Facebook in how my friends' news displays. As a result, I might not visit FB for 2-3 days at a time whereas previously, it'd be up to 5-10 times a day. Why they keep changing things is a mystery to me.

the other alternative is to disengage from all the 'groups' and maybe drop my friends to only the family and a few people - and yes - treat nothing up there as "private"  ha.   Like anything is anyway... but still.

I think many people always resented FB's awfully loose privacy policies, but didn't really have an alternative social network so they just gritted their teeth and put up with it.

Now with FB's interface falling apart and becoming very Myspace-like in the past two weeks, plus the addition of G+ as a valid alternative, FB is following Myspace's example in yet another way: rapid exodus of user base.


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