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RELEASE: Seren Ffordd and Oöphoi - The Martian Chronicles

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Bert Strolenberg's review of TMC

"The Martian Chronicles" is a 74-minute longform album inspired by Ray Bradbury's short science fiction story by the same name. It is the first collaborative album between Oöphoi (aka Italian drone expert Gianluigi Gasparetti) and Welch soundscape composer Seren Ffordd (aka Andy Benford).

What we got here is a deep and immersive work of cinematic ambient that took about three years in the making. The seven tracks feature vast, dark and slow morphing drone textures along field recordings and percussion, making up an intense trip into a mysterious and alienating world with psychedelic edges.

"The Martian Chronicles" is a spacious recording meant for deeper and focussed listening, that seems to submerge the listener even more when heard with a good pair of headphones.
If you’re into dense ambient art works with both subtle changes along fine environmental sounds, this quality album is for you.

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