Author Topic: My review of "Archive Three" CDr by Anomalous Disturbances  (Read 24 times)


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Anomalous Disturbances "Archive Three" CDr

Anomalous Disturbances, a drone guitar project driven by Terrence O'Brien from Vancouver, Canada, belongs to the most active members of The Ambient Ping community, which, by the way, celebrated two weeks ago its 15th anniversary (I am wishing many happy years to come!!!). "Archive Three" is comprised of 5 tracks recorded during 2007 and 2008 as a part of "Archive Two" recording sessions. Originally released in digital formats in the middle of October 2013, now, since May 2014 additionally available on pro CDr format packaged in a nice 4-panel eco sleeve with disc flap holder. Definitely a great decision, Terry, for all those nuts-collectors like me!!!

The title of the opening track, "A Sad And Beautiful World", exactly displays the atmosphere of this gorgeously floating ambience. A very calm and deeply evocative soundsculpting with hauntingly interplaying passages of soaring, slightly high-pitched wistfulness and soothingly permeating stillness. Nearly 11 and half minutes of virtuoso guitar aesthetics!!! "Pipe Dream # 1", although revealing calmly, incorporates more intense and cascading texture, yet keeping throughout a very warm approach with graciously unfolding immense panoramic touch. My ears are continuously bathed in splendidly embracing drone blissfulness, more please!!! "Mysterium Tremendum # 17", as indicated by its title, straightly dives deeply into a giant, chasmal realms filled with remote, eerily monochromatic hums, which are persistently pierced by mysteriously undulating and illuminating tenseness. A journey into a truly mindscaping zones, where spectacular, shadowy subterranean images are revealed with massively towering sceneries. "When Darkness Falls", with 16 minutes the longest piece on "Archive Three", begins with tensely penetrating dissonances, backed by expansive drifts and occasional chirping effects. But the leading dense drone gently increases and inconspicuously reaches remarkably grandiose dimensions, warmly ethereal and symphoniously spacious capturing all the essences of fascinating nocturnal journeying. An awe-inspiring sound magic awaits here, bravo!!! The last piece, "Melting Worlds", moves on rising and falling waves of tranquil soundscapes mingled with unsettling flutters exquisitely colored with oscillating spatial twinkles, but always surging within intriguing earthy feel. A very strong finish!!!

I remember well reviewing few years ago "Archive Two" 2xCDr as well as Terry O'Brien's collaborative project Wassonic with Matthew Poulakakis. Once again, Anomalous Disturbances showcases his exceptionally crafted and distinctively sophisticated artistry in guitar sound manipulations. So it's quite obvious that "Archive Three" gets my highest recommendation, it's a must-have listening experience for all aficionados of guitar-driven dronescaping!!! And just the same goes for the rest of Anomalous Disturbances' discography, which include 6 solo albums and except already mentioned Wassonic also "SADU Live" album with Sylken and URM kindred spirits. Not to forget regarding "Archive Three", cover photo-art and design credits go to Paul Cook and Tim Gerwing, Richard Dolmat is credited for recording and mixing, while additional mixing and mastering was executed by Chris O'Brien (Terry's brother).

Richard Gürtler (Sep 01, 2014, Bratislava, Slovakia)