Author Topic: My review of "A Tide Pool Of Memories" CD by Julio Di Benedetto  (Read 60 times)


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Julio Di Benedetto "A Tide Pool Of Memories" CD

After "Original Light", released in May 2015, here comes another very impressive recording by Floridian soundsculptor Julio Di Benedetto. Actually, this album is out already since December 2012 in digital format, but its physical edition came out only during December 2015 on Julio's own Digital Voices label. As far I remember, the digipak design for "A Tide Pool Of Memories" was presented for the first time more than one year ago on Julio's Ello site and I was immediately really excited about its physical edition. The 4-panel digipak looks very elegant and the release comes in a limited edition of 300 copies. The artist himself, as a proficient photographer, takes care of gorgeously immersing cover images and design, while 12k's Taylor Deupree gets credit for his mastering skills. By the way, when focusing on Julio's art photography (he studied photography in London during the first half of the 80's), don't hesitate to check out his Zenfolio account exhibiting his "Chasing Clouds" and "Driftwood" collections. But now, let's delve deeply into "A Tide Pool Of Memories"...

Divided in 9 untitled chapters, the first part, with 7:39 the second longest track on the album, unfolds with delightfully embracing dronescape, floating and traversing through magnificently enigmatic paths, where darker steady sinuations meticulously amalgamate with solitary cyber-tech glimpses. A top-notch opening!!! It seamlessly transmutes into the second piece, the shortest one clocking just over 4-minute mark, which spreads into more, cinematically intensified texture, again precisely pairing monolithic stratum with counterpointing ephemeral twinkles, ranging from glisteningly ear-tickling through intriguingly fizzling to contemplatively yearning. Another beauty!!! Mesmerizingly mindscaping spirals clandestinely announce the next part, where sweepingly ethereal expanses persistently commingle with engrossingly undulating reflections. Aural and visual parts splendidly coalesce!!! The next, fourth chapter, keeps its introspective depth, this time masterfully permeated by tenebrous textural patterns, warm vistas, dissonant subtleties and all reinforced by perpetual hissy hypnotics. Part five delves deeply into monochromatic-driven drone scenario, although exquisitely augmented with enthrallingly tiding amplifications and painting splendiferously sonorous images. Wow, the drone consonance at its most magical!!! Section six moves into more soothing terrains, yet still gracefully powerful and symphoniously spacious and illuminated with ambiguously rumbling fragments. Another very strong one!!! The next track incorporates again more textured motifs, but it safely rides across the scenic banks of profound evocativeness, masterfully merging poetic meanders with intangibly delicate and titillatingly fragile traceries. A gorgeously rewarding soundscape awaits here!!! And this enrapturing journey continues also through chapter # 8, which later inconspicuously metamorphoses into more immense panoramic mood guarded by strikingly sumptuous heavenly drifts. What a beauty!!! 11-plus minutes long piece, 9th part, closes this intensely engulfing opus with graceful, yet profoundly ambiguous texture, gliding, elevating and surreptitiously transforming from precisely intensified conundrums to majestically climaxing vast sceneries magnified by warmly blossoming hues. An epic finale!!!

Another superb work by Julio Di Benedetto loaded with his stalwartly distinctive soundsculpting insignias. "A Tide Pool Of Memories" offers 60 minutes of fully authentic recollection of personal events, intriguingly augmented also by missing track titles. Its sole protagonist virtuosically bridges on nine different chapters nebulous passages with balmier horizons. Awesome album, bravo, Julio!!! And two other digital albums, "The Sense Of Being There" (August 2012) and "Pathway To Pelada" (September 2012), still remain unreleased on physical format, so I really hope one day they will end up on a well-deserved glass mastered format. I definitely stay tuned for more by this accomplished kaleidoscaper from The Treasure Coast!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 19, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)