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We'd like to give music reviewers a little more focus by putting them in their own area, as we did last year with podcasts.

If you're a reviewer and would like us to consider creating a "sticky" topic for your review postings (even if the reviews are cross-posts from your own blog or another magazine), speak up. Preference will be given to reviewers who:

A. focus primarily on the kind of music of greatest interest to those who read this forum

B. will post reviews on a consistent ongoing basis

C. write reviews that lean toward the substantive and detailed

We're not interested at all in trying to set up Hypnos "house reviewers" and there's no expectation that Hypnos releases will necessarily be among those reviewed, or if they are that such reviews will be positive. This has more to do with the Hypnos Forum as a community than with Hypnos Recordings as a label.

Ambient Review:
Please check out the channel Ambient Review. Will be posting reviews every Wednesday, hoping to expand on that moving forward.


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