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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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I knew Steve Job had to be struggling if he stepped down from Apple but I'm still shocked that he's gone.

From apple.com

One of my favorite old pictures of Steve Jobs. This was my desktop wallpaper until I changed it a few days ago. Going to change it back now.

Hard to place a value on how Steve Jobs and Apple has affected my life. As a photographer and filmmaker, my work was completely changed in the early '90's, using the the first professional digital cameras, Photoshop 1.0, Avid Media Composer(and later, Final Cut Pro), desktop publishing, then revolutionizing how we listened to and carried our music. The digital age as we know it today simply wouldn't exist without Steve's drive to push Apple products beyond almost anything we could imagine. And other tech companies are still chasing after markets that Apple created from thin air.

One example of dreaming: I remember reading a John Varley short story back in the '80's and in it, a character  was sitting at his kitchen table, using a 'newspad' to read his electronically delivered newspaper. I was impressed by that bit of neato future tech and, even though I was using a PalmPilot to do roughly the same thing years ago, the iPad is a perfect representation of that sci-fi fantasy idea brought to life.

Thanks for your passion, Steve. You really did change the world. I'll be celebrating that when I'm buying an iPhone next week.

I've always loved this Stanford University commencement speech by Steve Jobs. I think I learned more about Jobs from this speech than anything I'd seen him say before.

I love what boingboing.net did with their site design in tribute to Jobs.



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