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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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Anodize DB:
Yep, this is sad, depressing news. As a lover, owner & user of Apple products since the time I first acquired a computer (I am cross-platform, but have *never* owned a PC, and, frankly, can't stand them), it is indeed a blow to the ingenuity of the race now that a true trailblazer is gone. I still have my issues with MP3s & iPods, but I'm a deep lover of my precious iPhone (it's my chief music-making tool), and, someday, an iPad shall be mine as well, after I upgrade my 'top, that is.

This has been a tough year of human losses, on many different levels & scales. Damn...

Scott M2:
I love that photo Mike. It really seems to express Jobs' minimal aesthetic.
Do you think those are cabinets or speaker cabinets behind him?

I came late to Apple with my iPad and now am utterly addicted, as is Lynn.
To be able to work on music or art spontaneously wherever I am is very liberating
and stimulating. Well done Steve!

I think they're Magneplanar speakers, with a turntable and receiver on the floor in between.

The Wired.com tribute page is very nice, but too big to paste a screen shot in here.


Here's a version of one of Apple's "The Crazy Ones" ads.

I think this one's narrated by Richard Dreyfus. There's a version narrated by Jobs but I couldn't find it.


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