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Everyone likes a big, long never-ending perpetual forum topic, right? Now that we have the ability to embed YouTube videos, how about one for new movie trailers that seem worth a look?

Please create separate topics for other videos (jokes, cute kittens, Bollywood dance freakouts) and save this one for on-topic stuff, OK?

I bring you... the first trailer for The Avengers.

Scott M2:
Where's Steed and Mrs Peel? 

Anodize DB:

--- Quote from: Scott M2 on October 11, 2011, 07:21:48 PM ---Where's Steed and Mrs Peel?

--- End quote ---

Hee, hee...probably at afternoon tea with Honor Blackman...  ;D

I'm burned out on comic book films at the moment, but do have to admit that the Avengers trailer does look damn cool...it remains to be seen if the filmmakers can pull it off.

Next year, at bare minimum, we have both Avengers & Dark Knight Rises, both quite anticipated, although I'm betting that Nolan's Batman denouement's gonna be hard to beat.

Still looking forward to The Thing next week.

I'm not burned out on comic book movies, but I am burned out on mediocre comic book movies. As you say, Darren, the next Batman and the Avengers look promising.

Bill Binkelman:
Yeah, count me interested in this. I LOVED the Iron Man movies so am glad to see that Tony Starkplays a prominent role. I also enjoyed the Thor movie, too, despite myself (I thought the whole "fish out of water" bit when Thor came to Earth would be campy but it played out quite nicely, to my surprise). I never even saw the second Hulk film and isn't this the THIRD actor to play Bruce Banner? I have never been a Hulk fan, though, despite that I "came of age" reading the silver age of Marvel comics in the 60s and early 70s. I still haven't seen the Captain America movie (hope to see it soon as it's still in second run theaters here in Mpls). Can't say I was a HUGE Cap fan in my comic reading days, either, and if he never wears his mask (as it looks like in the trailer), well, it's not really "Cap" then, is it?  ;) And, while I love Samuel L Jackson, I just can't totally buy him as Nick Fury (at least not the Nick Fury who led the Howling Commandos). Speaking of which, no matter how bad Jackson may or may not be, he will NEVER approach the level of badness that David Hassellhoff did in that WRETCHED TV film, Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, which was abysmal.

I also haven't seen X-MEN First Class...how is that? Good, "meh," or bad?


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