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Anyone here on Twitter? If you're not already familiar with Twitter, it's basically for sharing short thoughts or interacting with others using a limit of 140 characters per message. Kind of like "micro-blogging." Anyway, I've been starting to use the site based on the company I work for but would like to connect with any other musicians on there. You can find me on Twitter, here:


I've been sort of interested in Twitter, and it seems like a quick and fun (and superficial) way to keep track of where all your friends are and what they're doing.  I think I've avoided it as a potential time-sink, but might give it a try at some point.

Have I missed anyone here on the Hypnos forum that's on Twitter?    Twitter has gradually become my favorite place other than http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com - and here at the Hypnos forum - to connect with fellow musicians, talk music, and talk about whatever.


Note - I post a lot (and I mean a lot!) of "np" now playing posts.

Oh and a couple of tools for searching twitter - other than the obvious search function within twitter.

http://topsy.com will find links and posts about topics fairly easily..   for example - a link to my "running a label 101" blog post:  http://topsy.com/lab.pubspaces.com/2010/08/kinetoscope-028-running-a-label-101/

Also http://www.icerocket.com does a good job of searching twitter fast - but does't keep a large history at all.


Like Facebook, I feel reasonably virtuous avoiding the twittering thing.

Off to press up some parchment and crush some insects to make ink with. I've got to write to my people today :)


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