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Making a CD soon, need some pointers.

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Hello Hypnos, I might be making a CD soon for commercial release but i need some pointers from the vets out there. Should i send my tracks out to be mastered and if so, who do you recommend for ambient music mastering? Here are my tracks i have out so far.

There might be a thread in the forum somewhere for this...   only you can decide if you want to pay for mastering.   In general - having someone else's ears take a crack at it are better than your own - but many people prefer to do their own.

Here are a few people I know are for hire for mastering - no order...

Robert Rich -
Chad Kettering -
Taylor Deupree -
The Sound-O-Mat -
Bobby Jones / I've Lost -   puddlesound  [at] aol  [dot]   com

Mike here at Hypnos does a lot of mastering - I'm not sure if he does it for hire outside of Hypnos though.

[ edit:   I've personally had the Sound-O-Mat and Bobby Jones work on mastering projects with me or for my label - and both are excellent.  They've got the ears.    I hear nothing but good things about the other three which I why I listed them.   All work in ambient and non-ambient. ]

Julio Di Benedetto:
Definitely follow John's advice.....there is mastering out there to fit all budgets. You just have to make it part of your production costs.  Im hardcore when it comes to this an feel that no person should master there own music especially in the same room they recorded it in.   Heres the link on the discussion


--- Quote from: jkn on October 17, 2011, 09:02:00 AM ---Mike here at Hypnos does a lot of mastering - I'm not sure if he does it for hire outside of Hypnos though.

--- End quote ---

I don't do non-Hypnos mastering jobs, at least not at this point. Maybe if I'm ever not so busy...

Julio - nice job finding the mastering thread.

You may also want to read this really long thread over on rM about mastering originally kicked off by Matt Hillier (Ishq, Elve, etc...) - and I think it may still have the lengthiest discussion of any post in the community ... even after a year.



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