Author Topic: My review of "Wassonic" CDr by Wassonic  (Read 3718 times)


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My review of "Wassonic" CDr by Wassonic
« on: October 31, 2011, 11:29:42 AM »

Wassonic "Wassonic" CDr

Wassonic is brand new collaborative project from Canada involving Vancouver based ambient guitarist Terrence O'Brien of Anomalous Disturbances project and Matthew Poulakakis, sound designer from Toronto, who runs number of solo projects like Automatic Fats, Salvagesound or Meota. Released in May 2011 on Terrence O'Brien's Disappearing Music label. Canadian ambient scene gathered around Toronto's The Ambient Ping is more than lively and this album is one of the best proofs. Terry and Matthew are blending on their debut album, consisting of three long-form recordings, deeper and highly evocative nocturnal soundscapes with hauntingly sea breezing trancey tribal elements. "Factory Florist", 23-minute long starter, moves through various, slightly evolving, coiling and departing stages, at times more tensive, with always apparent gently pulsing beats and ocassional industrialized and futuristic effects enriching vast dronescaping. Hypnotizing and tranquil rhythms with few infectious trumpet-like sounds perfectly spice the deeper drone on the next composition, "Tree Frog Poison". This strongly lively, rich and night-blooming composition creates a truly relaxing, warmly inviting and absorbing light tribal atmosphere. Assorted environmental recordings, some of them reminding whale calls, precisely color dreamy soundwaves on "Signalfish". Listening to this closing composition evokes absolutely fascinating deep-sea submarine journey encountering most remarkable and spectacular adventure to explore the little known underwater world and its inhabitants. Space-opening sound magic at its most imaginative!!! Wassonic is without doubt highly recommended collaborative effort of two talented Canadian sound sculptors!!! In the meantine, new Wassonic tracks are in the works to be released sometime next year. And on the top of that, 2011 re-release of the 2002 debut album from Anomalous Disturbances entitled "The Spirit Molecule" is now available in download format, hopefully a CDr edition will follow soon. Anyway, excellent job, guys!!! Go Canada Go!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 31, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)