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Foot pedal Reverb Unit Recommendations

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Can anybody here recommend a foot pedal reverb unit? Preferably a dedicated pedal, rather than multi-fx kind of thing?



All of these are pretty good:

Boss RV5:
TC Electronics Nova:

On the cheaper side, there's the Danelectro Corned Beef, which is pretty good given its price. Line6 and Electro Harmonix also make dedicated reverb pedals, but I haven't tried either of them.

And then there's the Boss Space Echo which is a lot of fun and combines echo and reverb:

T.C. Electronic have several options for you:

The Nova reverb pedal looks great!

These are some nice sounding options... I liked the Boss Space Echo... nice sounding unit, novel, anyway...

I stumbled across the Line 6 Verbzilla, and I have to say this was a nice sounding little box. Anybody have any experience with it?


--- Quote from: jblock on March 11, 2008, 07:52:36 AM ---Boss RV-5

--- End quote ---
If you want a new pedal, we agree w/Mr. Block on the Boss.  Solid, great sound.  Wethinks there may be an RV-6 in the works?

The Line6 Verbzilla is a good one too, solid build, and part of the Tone Core series so you can buy 1-2 "bases" & power and then buy modules like their Space Echo, Echo Park, Verbzilla, etc. and plug in what one you want to use.

If you're willing to look for vintage gear, much better than the Boss Space Echo Pedal is, of course, a Roland Space Echo tape echo, but they're high-maint.  The real nice piece was Roland's first attempt at a digital version of the tape echo, the Roland Digital Space Echo RE-3.  Hard to find but worth the hunt.  Possibly the best digital guitar reverb ever made.  It is a rack unit and has mic and line input, "warmth" (chorus), reverb, plus echo intensity and repeat rates.  But you can just turn up the reverb and leave the rest down, although once you hear the chorus, you'll end up adding a bit to a lot of that - same algorithms as the infamous Boss CE-300 Chorus unit.


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