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Ophion Debut album (feat. an 18 minute Bvdub remix) on diametric.



200 limited CD copies (no CD-R) worldwide. No digital download.
Release: 5th of december 2011.

Listen to the tracks here

1_the realm of slumber
2_staring into the heart of the sun
3_gorgon’s fall
4_cataclysmic seasons
6_staring into the heart of the sun (bvdub’s test the depth of your heart mix)

Newcomer Ophion make their debut on diametric. Hailing from the UK, the duo has been working on their musical vision for some years but only recently have started to go public with their music. Their debut album features a wide selection of ambient and electronic music. Built on field recordings, all tracks are based on the urge to create a space for your mind to get lost in.
The duo calls their music “sonic sculpturing” and this fits perfectly to what you could expect here. Finest melodic ambient with a dark edge.
As a special, the album ends with a sensational epic 18 minute remix by ambient man of the moment Brock van Wey aka bvdub. His remix of “Staring into the heart of the sun” is an utterly beautiful trip. Thanks to Brock for contributing to this project with such heartwarming passion and emotion.
200 limited manufactured CD’s copies only. No digital distribution.

diametric. is distributed worldwide by diamonds & pearls berlin ([url=][/url]

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