Author Topic: Relaxed Machinery - 4 hour show on StillStream TONIGHT + New Peter James  (Read 2119 times)


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Wow - so many wonderful things happening on the Relaxed Machinery label right now!

Today we celebrate our newest release - Peter James - Memento - an album that will appeal to everyone that loves minimal ambient and field recordings.  To me it almost has a meditative quality to it.  It's excellent!

Tonight Tange (our good friend, Gordie!) will host 4 solid hours of music from Relaxed Machinery albums.  Want to see what's being played?   Joel Sutton - our new webmaster/guru/genius/awesome guy - has put together a wonderful page for you... just go to - and click the link!

Speaking of the website - check out the new and improved look of !  Joel has sunk a ton of time into it, Steve Brand has been working on the new look and feel, and I've done my bits and pieces in there as well.  Truly a team effort.

Thank you!
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