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New guts to older system and issues....


I replaced my mobo, cpu, memory and PSU (have yet to verify it is good but initial test with pin jumpering is ok). So the mobo may or may not have had dmg'd pins on the CPU socket as it wouldn't come up with dual channel memory (only channel B both slots worked, then I inspected socket and saw 1-2 pins hosed a bit). So anyways, I RMA'd it back to NewEgg and got my replacement last night and this morning I popped in 2 sticks in dual channel mode and all seemed well in the world. Then it ran with all 4 4GB sticks in as well....but the rub is NO audio out the rear panel connections....It could be the cable crapped out but will test that on other desktop tomorrow.

I got a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 mobo and it's pretty sweet. I actually loaded the XMP profile1 to get memory running at 1600Mhz speed (defaut was 1333 but memory rated at 1600). I know the azalia works as I plugged speakers into top of case so that basically rules out the cable. But I have a) no output on rear panel plugs nor input via headset mic. Top of case works fine for both....I am waiting to hear from a forum and Gigabyte on this issue as well. NewEgg per paperwork says I got 18 days to return it....that doesn't give me much time to get this figured out. It isn't a driver issue (device manager shows all well in the world) and I updated the driver via Gigabyte site today just in case as well as flashed F10 BIOS (came with F9) and no difference. Nothing in BIOS I can see would affect it (other than disabling Azalia = no top case audio in/outs).

Anyone have any ideas?

I went with:

GA-Z68-UD3H-B3 mobo
4x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 PC12800 1600Mhz mem
Corsair HX650 PSU (still tbd on it's wellness still but think it might be ok, initially it seemed dead and using older PSU from original build)
Intel Cooler, may replace with Zalman 9500 I bought (think it may interfere with slot 4 of memory)
Intel i5 2500K since I couldn't justify another $100 to gain 100Mhz and Hyperthreading since I don't do a lot of video editing or photoshop stuff.

I hope it is something I missed but don't think so, and will be very upset if I have to take it down yet again for another week or more to wait a replacement....but atm using top audio it sounds ok but want rear panel for I think better output (Realtek HD audio I think vs Azalia driver stuff).


My only comment is that this reminds me how glad I am I don't try to do this kind of thing any more. No fun at all!

I wish you good luck getting it solved, though.

Been a while for me, but don't these things run off a socket on the motherboard so that you plug in one set of i/o sockets or the other (top or back) but not both? 

Audio issue resolved and new PSU does work! So system up and running. I replaced the mobo via RMA and inspected the CPU socket and it was fine. All 4 mem slots work and know they are good as I did run memtest86+ for 11+ passes each stick. Also ran prime95 64 bit for ~6 hrs and temps peaked at 82c on one core only, rest high 70's which is about what I expected. I had to redo paste a tad and all temps dropped from 5x to 3x and been there since.

The audio issue turned out to be I have to plug my speakers into the GREEN plug (rear Front speakers) not the black rear Rear speakers. That's if you want to run 5.1/7.1 setup or reconfigure to use that port. So it sounds awesome on the monitors and louder than older board was.

Happy with it overall. Next year I may rebuild other DAW box or possibly consolidate to one but doing that doesn't allow me to multitask as much (putter on DAW while waiting on something to fini in game on other box and switch via USB KVM).


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