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[Infinite Ambient Experiment] Spatium Somniorum 24

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False Mirror:

Spatium Somniorum 24 is an upcoming experiment in Drone/Ambient/Dark Ambient.
Unlike the static mixes Spatium Somniorum I-IV, the fifth and last part will be something completely new.
The music will be dynamic and offered as livestream. It consists of 12 mix-pieces (each is exactly 1 hour long, more might be added later) that are intermixed automagically. That means the stream will continue forever and develop itself.
Start: December 24, 2011 (UTC+1)

In order to listen, you just have to "attend" the Facebook event or request the link here.

I will then send you a link when the stream starts. This link will go online automatically. You will be able to listen directly from the website or via stream from you phone, web-radio, etc. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I won't post the link directly though (for legal reasons - don't want to get sued for this), hope you are ok with that.

Sounds really cool!

False Mirror:
Thx! I hope everything works as it should...

False Mirror:
Stream is online now. Just ask here if you want the link.

Listening now, very relaxing.


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