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A screenshot of our chillout music room on with user help info

Chillout Music Room features 30+ different types of electronic based chillout genres on (Vocals are welcomed)  For example: Acid Jazz, Ambient, Ambient House, Ambient Dub, Ambient Techno, Dark Ambient, Atmospheric Dnb, Chillout Groove, Chillout Electronica, Chill House, Chill Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep, Chill Trap, Chillwave, Chillout Progressive, Chillout Trance, Deep House, Downtempo, Dub (not dubstep), Future Garage, Indian Chill, Indie Electronica, Intelligent DnB, IDM, Liquid DnB, Lounge, Minimal House, Nu-Jazz, Psybient, PsyChill, Space Music, Trip Hop, Tribal Fusion, Vaporwave ....and more!

Join us!  :D Here is the link to the live Chillout Music room:  8)
Free! sign-in via your facebook, twitter or google+

What is is a place to play music and videos with friends and others from around the world in a fun, real-time, community-driven environment. Join our community - Chillout Music - put together the perfect chill playlist, make new friends, and then take turns playing chill music and videos. Whoever DJs before you might inspire your next song, and you can discuss musical influences in our live chat. If you discover a new track that you like, you can Woot to show your appreciation or Grab it to add to your playlists. Pick an avatar that fits your personality, and you're ready to make new friends and listen to music! (Courtesy of Plug DJ Inc.)

We host monthly DJ event(s).  Some of the artists include:  Jacoo, SizzleBird, CMA, Bijou, Kodomo, Skytree, Jenvoa 7, Imagined Herbal Flows, Alex H... etc.

Follow us for info about events or special announcements!
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