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Just thought I'd provide a brief update on my recent activities and releases.  I've just finished recording and mixing a new CD called "Animism."  It is sort of a hybrid of my more structured "Folklore" CD and the atmospheric layering in "Gongland," but with a prominence given to textures.  It may be out by June or July 2012, most likely on Projekt, but I'll update when I know more.

I also contributed a piece to Black Tape For A Blue Girl's 2nd CD for "The Rope 25" Projekt release--a cover version of "Hide In Yourself" featuring a bit of gamelan and palm harp.  Other ambient artists on the comp are Dirk Serries (Vidna Obmana, Fear Fall Burning) and Erik Wollo.  Here is a link to that release (which came out this month):

A demix/deconstruction I did for Barry Cleveland's King Crimsonesque "Hologamatron" album in 2010 is up at Bandcamp.  I think it can be streamed from there, for those who are curious.  I used mostly acoustic elements from different tracks in the piece, "Abandoned Mines," and mangled and stretched them a bit.  The really ominous sound you hear in that piece was originally a Michael Manring bassline.  The link to that piece is here:

My last release, my second Sans Serif CD, "Unbound" has been out since this summer and is available from iTunes and from the Hypnos store.

Thanks for the continuing support and feedback,

Mark Mushet:
Looking forward to this, Forrest!

Thanks, Mark!  I hope not to disappoint.


Jeff Sampson:
I really like your remix of Abandoned Mines. Your approach makes reference to the original (a fine track on a superb album) while giving me more of the feeling of being in an abandoned mine. I'm glad it was included on the original release.

Thanks, Jeff.  I was happy to contribute to Barry's album.  (Agreed, it's a fine album.)



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