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Just wanted to let folks know that I've added a few stray tracks to a new Soundcloud page I just created.  What prompted me to do this was a new one-off track I created yesterday for fun ("Bothered") that was inspired by Tim Story's recent collaborations with members of the German electronic band Cluster.  I've also posted a track from 2009 ("Cicidas") that I originally posted to, a track from 2001 ("Silent Blue") that didn't make it onto Phantoms, and an ambient track I did back in 1999 ("Crickets With Gongs") as Spirit Oscillator for a beat-oriented EP.

Here is the link:

As for my next CD, it should be released by Projekt a few months from now, probably in January 2015.


Cool to hear these tracks Forrest, looking forward to your upcoming release in the new year.


Dave Michuda:
Love the new track!

Pete and Dave,

Thanks guys!  It was fun stepping out of my usual style for that new one.

Pete, your new single sounds nice.  A lot of interesting transitions there--almost has a suite-like feel to it.



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