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Yes, nice deal, just ordered!!!  :)


drone on:
I like the cover art, especially the typography.  Too many album covers I've seen have the title in really boring font, so nice to see something inventive like this.

The package from Projekt arrived well over a week ago and I've given everything a few listens now. My first introduction to Forrest Fang was Gongland. That album always struck me as containing a creative mixture of various eastern instrumentation and styles and em-based ambient. It is really unique album and one that has remained in rotation around my house despite its age. With that as context, it is really fascinating to hear releases prior to Gongland that seem more firmly rooted on one side of that coin vs. the other. I'm really enjoying Wolf/Migration, but I, must confess, I also feel a bit like an archeologist who is uncovering the origins of the modern Forest Fang sound; it is hard for me to appreciate the albums on their own terms. Some of the tracks really stand out as brilliant. I'm particularly fond of The Luminous Crowd, A Quiet Place, Silent Fields, and Karina. I also prefer Wolf over Migration. Many of the songs on Migration have a one-track quality and don't have the richness of the multi-instrumentation contained in Wolf.

I'm somewhat reluctant to note, given the fact that this is a re-release celebration, that what I really enjoyed from this package was the "free with your order" copy of Unbound.  That is some of the best drone work I've listened to lately. It is just as good with head phones and deep listening as it is as background ambiance. A true gem.

HI Chris,

Thanks for your feedback.  No need for you to feel any reluctance in your comments.  You're right, Migration is more spartan than Wolf.  My sound on Migration was dominated by a minimalist approach not only in structure but in instrumentation.  I also made a conscious effort to (mostly) avoid violin on that release, though it's my main instrument.  The sound on Wolf is much fuller because I had better equipment and more channels to work with, I had started acquiring more instruments, and I had just added my first two real electronic polyphonic keyboards to my sound--a Korg DSS-1 sampler and a cheap Casio digital synth (the CZ-101).  I think of Wolf as a transition album--some elements of space music, some of a world progressive sound, but I was still working it out.  If Wolf was the egg, then Migration was the embryo.  Years ago I had been planning to reissue Wolf because I would periodically get requests for it but never seemed to get around to it.  When it finally happened, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to add in Migration, since that was a vinyl only release.  Since the music is over 20 years old, I'm not surprised that some of it has aged better (or worse) than other parts, but hopefully, you found enough in it to find it worth the trouble.

I'm especially pleased that you enjoyed Unbound.  That release is a bit of a departure from my other releases on Projekt, in that is more hardcore ambient soundscape.  I know it may not be as appealing to those who prefer my world progressive style, but it's something I wanted to do.


Sorry to make this a last minute thing, but Archie Patterson of Eurock fame is now running a show on KUSF in Exile from 10 pm to 11 pm tonight that features music from me, Robert Rich, Tim Story and Blue Tofu.



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