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2010 Xmas Mix: Still Fresh



A dark ambient / glitch take on the holidays, with some great artists:

Holidays can be a time of great joy, but sometimes, let's be honest, other feelings intrude. My friend the psychiatrist says he takes more calls during holiday times than any other time of the year-- calls from sad, angry, desperate people. If the symbol of the winter holiday is a toy, perhaps for some it would be a broken toy. This mix uses glitch, circuit bent and other sounds to explore the darker sides of toys, and of the holidays themselves. Mixed by Mystified, here is a set from the Land of Broken Toys. Thanks to all participating artists!

Featured Tracks:

1. Transitonal Drone- Mystified
2. Trip Down Memory Lane- Adamned Age
3. przestrzen-rozproszonych-funkcji-ponowoczesnosc- rakombinacje
4. Eliot's Broken Toy- Tribe Of Astronauts
5. Searching For New Species- Dyman
6. Captain Kirk Remix- BpOlar
7. ice-nine- Fosel

Some additional sounds by Phillip Wilkerson

Annnnd. . .  one for 2011:

Various Artists-- Free Christmas 2011 Mix [treetrunk 194]

2011 would not be complete without an alternative Christmas mix from Treetrunk. So here, without further ado, is a half-an-hour of dark atmospherics and twisted toy-like dreams. Enjoy!

Here are the tracks from this mix, in the order that they appear:

1. Pavonine-- "3"
2. Kid Feardive-- "Harry's Chaotic Snow"
3. Digital Mass-- "Red Ether"
4. Tribe Of Astronauts with Fosel-- "Reflections In Silver"
5. WZRDS-- "The Bounty"
6. Tuonela-- "Angels Of Chrome And Light"
7. Fabio Keiner-- "Seagram Mural 04"
8. Mystified-- "Silent Night"


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