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False Mirror:
I just realized that all my albums are available in full length on grooveshark.com.
After a few researches I realized that the content is mostly user-generated, so probably users uploaded it there. I'm pretty sure the label(s) didn't approve that.
What is your experience with that site? Can I or the labels request to delete the content?

Doesn't sound legit to me.  From their wikipedia entry, it sounds like they are a former P2P outfit trying to dodge the copyright laws.  I found this takedown page from their website:


Good luck.  One thing I discovered recently was that people were uploading long tracks from one of my recent albums to youtube.  Youtube promptly took them down (I had to draw the line somewhere).


Guess you haven't heard about King Crimson's open letter to grooveshark and what happened after that. Check this link out:


My favorite bit is this from an employee about illegal music uploading:

"We are assigned a predetermined number of weekly uploads to the system and get a small extra bonus if we manage to go above that (not easy). The assignments are assumed as direct orders from the top to the bottom."

False Mirror:
Thx guys. I actually hadn't been much aware of that site until recently a friend of mine posted it on Facebook

For both of you (Forrest Fang & Loren Nerell) I couldn't find any music on the site. Did you take it down successfully or did just nobody upload it yet? Would you just ignore the matter like me ignoring Youtube/Rapidshare/Torrents?
It is somehow different than Youtube (only some songs on YT and most in rather bad quality) and Rapidshare/Torrents (you clearly know it's illegal if you download).

No I've never dealt with grooveshark so I guess no one has uploaded any of my music. I usually go after Rapidshare and I started asking youtube to take stuff down, they have a link on each page now to flag stuff including copyright issues. Torrents are a different matter, I've asked sites to stop posting links but once they are on a p2p network its hard to control them.


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