Author Topic: New Release From Hollan Holmes: The Farthest Fringes  (Read 3068 times)


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New Release From Hollan Holmes: The Farthest Fringes
« on: December 31, 2011, 11:07:10 PM »
My second release and year in the making, The Farthest fringes is a collection of eight ambient electronic compositions representing a significant milestone in my growth as a composer and sound designer.

The raw tracks were taken to Soniclayers Mastering, where Chad Kettering and I spent several months worth of weekends tweaking the mixes. Kettering then took the finished tracks into mastering, where the final polish elevated them to a level far beyond where they had started. The Farthest Fringes marks the final CD that I will compose solely within Propellerhead Reason, but contains some of the best sound design of my career and I hope listeners are pleased. Not a single stock sound exists in my work (save one that Kettering and I added on the fly because it worked perfectly), with roughly half of all my sound design starting totally from scratch.

Being a computer graphics artist by profession - I'm Senior Texture Artist in a major animation studio - it was natural for me to want to do all the design and layout for the packaging myself, which I always enjoy immensely. Sharing both my art and my music in one experience is indeed an exciting honor.

The Farthest Fringes is available as a physical CD in a high-quality glossy Eco-Wallet or as a digital download from CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon, all linked from my web site, with sound samples, at

Many thanks to the Hypnos community for allowing me to share my work and to all the members who have, and continue to, support my endeavors.

Happy New Year,


Hollan Holmes