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Kawai SX

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I just got this and it needs help
Kawai  .com didnt help much
or their tech......

it powers up with a beep
has only one sound
joy stick dosnt work
when trying to load factory tape sound the
unit goes blank

any help would be appreciated

Have you checked the internal battery for leakage?
Have you checked the power supply rails for the correct voltages?
Have you checked lose connectors inside (ribbon cables, reseating ICs if socketed -- make sure you donīt touch them without having grounded yourself first, they hate static electricity)?

Just some ideas.


was going to after reading about leaking batteries but....
I couldn't figure out how to open the thing....
gonna take it to a tech friend of mine

just got it
looks like new

I got it from a local store who sold it to the original owner in 85.
just brought it back to trade.
store didnt want to bother with it
got it for $40

40 US$ is a decent price. Unfortunately, any type of service documentation for these Kawais is a bit difficult to come by.

Do you know the Analogue Heaven mailinglist? This is the place to be for all things analogue and "vintage".


Based on the age I would say its a power supply issue. The capacitors have problem dried up and need to be replaced. It should be a pretty easy fix that just about any tech can do.


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