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Another Oenyaw album
« on: January 23, 2012, 02:53:45 PM »
My son, the software guy, did a new podcast page for me.  He had troubles with the previous site, so he changed the location.  He put up the newest album (number 22).  is the location.

A Round Trip, version 1
The Party Car
This will get us an R-rating for sure
Animitronic Conductors
Closely Watched
Suspense, like picking the right color
A Round Trip, version 2

"A Round Trip" is a train ride, as wall as a psychedlic play on words.  The title track, "A Round Trip", is presented in two versions.  I have never done this before, and probably never do it again.  It's just that I remixed it and couldn't decide which one to use.  So I thought, it the usual 6 hour album, so why not put both versions on it.  You know, the bonus track remix sort of thing.  Version 1 is slightly longer than version 2, and I feel I got a few batang-batang-tang-tang-tang echoes in there quite nicely.  (The entire thing is electric guitar, BTW.)  "The Party Car" is a retreat into a party atmosphere where you don't know what to expect. Combination percussion software and sequencer.  Admittingly a cheaply done track while ... partying.  "This will get us an R-rating for sure" is a another percussion software track, accompanying a mechanical device.  Not nearly as assaulting as the previous track.  "Animitronic Conductors" is a playing-around-with-the-sequencer track, as is "Suspense, like picking the right color".  Getting carried with a toy, I know, but I have been quite busy lately as well as I had to replace my recording device for the guitar.  "Closely Watched" is the focal point of the album.  Slightly over 2 hours long, it is the most "Oenyaw" thing about the album.  Dreamy,  atmospheric, all electric guitar.

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