Author Topic: Drone On's review of "Anthology Two 1992-1996" by Voice of Eye  (Read 1966 times)

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Drone On's review of "Anthology Two 1992-1996" by Voice of Eye
« on: February 06, 2012, 11:22:56 AM »
Voice of Eye were/are a phenomenal American two-member project (Bonnie McNairn and Jim Wilson) primarily active in the 90's during the heyday of the ambient genre.  They were members of Asianova and later formed VOE.  Self-built instruments which were extensively processed with electronics and McNairn's siren-like processed voice created some of the most surreal and alien sounding soundscapes in ambient history.  This two-CD collection on Germany's Transgredient Records gathers tracks from various experimental/ambient artist compilations and augments them with unreleased material intended for cassettes and an entire live set from 1996 (which is truly spectacular).  VOE's organic tribal experiments put them in the same league as other sonic innovators of the time such as Robert Rich and Steve Roach.  In fact, they shared space with Roach and Rich on the Manifold Records comp. "Endless 2."  Despite their use of strange objects like bicycles , "musical saw," and "'77 Chevy van," their sounds were so processed that the music did not have a grating industrial feel but rather a smooth, highly atmospheric one.  I highly recommend this compilation for all lovers of classic organic space music.  Bon appetit!