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Shortwave Radio music
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:26:20 PM »
Myke Weiskopf runs an excellent site devoted to  to preserving and disseminating indigenous sound and music as heard via international radio.  I've downloaded & listened to some wonderful recordings over the years.

In honor of World Radio Day, Myke is making a 5 cd set of recordings available for free download!  But it's only for one day.

Here's the link to his post...

A great opportunity to grab some fascinating, sometimes spooky, always cool recordings.


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Re: Shortwave Radio music
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2012, 06:37:52 PM »
Too bad I missed this.  It sounded pretty interesting.  Weiskopf's blog looks cool, though I found it difficut to navigate and was surprised that few files were available for download. 

I have the Conet Project 4-CD set, which has some pretty strange number stations recordings.