Author Topic: NEW - Kwook: Skywave (Blue Oasis)  (Read 3897 times)


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NEW - Kwook: Skywave (Blue Oasis)
« on: April 18, 2008, 08:39:07 AM »

Kwook: Skywave  (Blue Oasis CD)
We have waited a long time for a new album from Kwook (Simon Bennett,
Australia) and it is finally here. A masterful and addictive set of electro-ambient
gems. Inspired by deep space & shortwaves, this album is mellow, spacious,
rhythmic, and with the laid-back musical joy we found in the earlier "UFO"
release. Gets my highest recommendation. (APK)

"Kwook is an ambient project of the Australian musician Simon Bennett.
Where his previous album UFO was quite outer-space themed, Bennett’s
second album “Skywave” is a musical survey of shortwave radio.

Sonically, a varied array of distorted signals are very nicely matched with
sequenced parts and minimal, flowing, melodic structures and occasional
rhythms. E.g. “Sunspots” feels like a warm blanket with it’s softly glowing,
positive approach, as does the three part 22-minute title track, found at
the closing of the album.

Overall, there’s this mellow, dreamy, hypnotizing effect embedded in all
twelve sonic ambient excursions, all delicately shaped and sculptured.
In its own right, it’s a kind of cleverly composed chill-out ambient with
a great high-quality sound.

So all who love spacious ambient music, make sure to check this one
out."   Bert Strolenberg - Sonic Immersion


Available either on disk (pressed) or as a digital download.
For track details & audio samples:

Here are a couple of samples
Calling All Stations
Stationary Waves

There is also a full track to listen to on the Radio page:


The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans