New cd from Jeff Pearce- "With Evening Above"

Started by jeff pearce, June 13, 2014, 08:37:00 AM

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jeff pearce

I'd just like to announce my new cd "With Evening Above"- which is my first all ambient guitar cd since "Bleed" in 2002.

From now until Monday (6/16/14) you can download the album from Bandcamp (for what it's worth, the FLAC and ALAC formats sound fantastic) for $5, or purchase the cd for $10 (shipping included for all US addresses).  What's great about Bandcamp is if you buy a cd, you get an immediate download of the album (meaning you can listen to the album and be completely sick of it by the time the cd arrives in the mail... :))

Here's a link to the album on Bandcamp:



What a great news, Jeff!!! CD ordered, can't miss this sonic jewel!!!



drone on

I ordered today, and got a nice personal note from Jeff.  Cool! 


Jeff, my buddy Anton aka Closing The Eternity (The guy from Russia with whom you met at AMBICon, if you don't forget him yet) asked me to tell you here that he appreciated with your new album incredibly keenly.  :)
Ambient DNA


Very good album, tasteful and refined.
Great mix of Jeff's 'pure' guitar style and more abstracted drone / cloud type pieces. 
It has revealed more of itself to me over repeated listenings.