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RELEASE: Caul - Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night

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Artist: Caul
Title: Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night
Label: Hypnos (digipak CD)

We’re very pleased to announce the latest CD release from Hypnos, Let the Stars Assume
the Whole of Night. It’s the first release on Hypnos by Caul. As with our last few new
releases, we’re going to offer a special reduced price for the first week of release. This CD will
end up selling for our usual $12.99, but we’re offering a special “week one” deal through
Friday April 6, only through the Hypnos Online Store.

Follow the links below to get Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night by Caul for $8.99.

Caul has released an array of incredible dark, cinematic ambient music, but much of it has
been self-released in small quantities, so many listeners who might potentially enjoy his work
might be unfamiliar with it. His collaboration with Numina, Inside the Hollow Realm,
did receive a fair bit of attention five or six years ago, but Caul has mostly flown under the
radar. As I mentioned, most of his work has been self-released, often in elegant, artisanal
hand-made packaging. See his Discogs Page for more information about his work, or his own
site at caul.org/.

Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night is a wonderful mix of sounds and atmospheres:
dark without being spooky, melodic but not pretty, listenable, but too nervous and somber to
ever become predictable. These pieces are more composed and structured than most ambient
music, more akin to the soundtrack for some dark and moody piece of cinema. Imagine the
score to an undiscovered work by David Lynch or Andrei Tarkovsky and you have the idea.
Listen to the sound clips below and decide for yourself.
Track list with MP3 samples
01 > A clear eye loves the shadows as well  > 3.32  -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-01.mp3
02 > Radiance falls  > 4.45  -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-02.mp3
03 > The sparkling snow is full of roses  > 3.28  -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-03.mp3
04 > The silent road to your pillars  > 4.32   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-04.mp3
05 > Upon the vines  > 4.30  -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-05.mp3
06 > Just one autumn for ripe songs  > 3.59   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-06.mp3
07 > We are like heartless shadows  > 6.01   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-07.mp3
08 > Words of praise arise, like flowers  > 4.26  -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-08.mp3
09 > Oblivion and holy drunkenness  > 3.22   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-09.mp3
10 > She is holy to those who are lost or dead  > 2.10   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-10.mp3
11 > Bells ring softly in the twilight air  > 6.05   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-11.mp3
12 > The kindness of exalted night  > 5.00   -- MP3 clip http://www.hypnos.com/audio/c-ltsatwon-12.mp3

Purchase direct: http://www.hypnos.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=hyp3264

Larger: http://www.hypnos.com/forumpix/c-ltsatwon-ext.jpg

Larger: http://www.hypnos.com/forumpix/c-ltsatwon-int.jpg

Purchase direct: http://www.hypnos.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=hyp3264

Very exciting!

judd stephens:
This sounds badass.

great looking cover. 8)

It's an incredibly amazing album.


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