Author Topic: Drone On's review of "Hypersona/Hollow/Lithea" trilogy by 36  (Read 2268 times)

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Drone On's review of "Hypersona/Hollow/Lithea" trilogy by 36
« on: April 09, 2012, 12:32:15 PM »
36 (pronounced "three six") is a UK artist who also runs his own small label, 3Six Recordings.  Starting in 2008 he released the first in a trilogy of albums called "Hypersona," followed in 2010 by "Hollow," and culminating in the 2012 release "Lithia."  All have been released in limited editions on pressed/silver discs.  I ordered the trilogy recently based on the strength of sound samples I heard from the "Lithia" release.  I'd have to say overall I was pretty disappointed with the trilogy as a whole.  The first part, "Hypersona," is pleasant enough instrumental electronic music, but of the 12 tracks contained within, nothing impressed me enough to want to listen to it again.  I'd categorize it as pretty ho-hum soundtrack music, and not exactly what I'd term "ambient."  Any by soundtrack, I mean slightly sterile, non-descript background music that isn't of much interest on its own:  think someone trying to sound like Cliff Martinez but not quite getting there.  The second installment, "Hollow," has 13 tracks and only three interested me, as these three tracks were somewhat darker and had an edge to them, bringing them into the ambient realm we all know and love.  The final and latest installment, "Lithia," has more than several phenomenal haunting tracks that define the term "ethereal."  I am reminded of the sort of yearning, melancholy feel achieved by Bvdub, but minus the beats, containing processed samples, grainy waves of cascading synthetics, looped ad infinitum.  So, "Lithia" is a vast improvement over the other two chapters and by far the most interesting musically.  And it is resolutely an "ambient" album, and I hope he will continue in this vein.  All in all, I'd recommend "Lithia" quite highly but can't say the same for the previous two releases.