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Suggestion: create a new sublabel for Hypnos for more "structured" and/or electro-acoustic music.  Some releases on Hypnos sound quite "un" Hypnos-like.

Question: Whatever happened to Binary?

Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore this!

I know what you mean about sublabels being a useful way to signify the style of music of a given release. If we get to where we're releasing more music in the future, I'd definitely consider it. At this point, releasing only a handful of CDs per year, I'd hate to split them out too much. I make sure to describe each new release in a way that should avoid any confusion, and we also provide full mp3 sample clips... so at least for now, there's little risk of someone ordering the new Caul CD and feeling surprised that it's not minimal drone.

As for Binary, it's long been my hope to release more stuff there. It's been my own failing which has fallen short of discovering the kind of "dynamic electronics" artists suitable for the sublabel. Saul Stokes has self-released his last album, and I can never blame an artist when they decide to do it themselves... but that, coupled with the fact that most of the other artists we've released on Binary are not recently active, means I need to get out there and do some scouting.

Having said that, I recently received a demo from Dave Fulton for a new Dweller at the Threshold album, and it's very good. It's possible that could come out on Binary.

Any suggestions for artists appropriate to Binary that I should approach? I'm thinking generally more in terms of the modern electronica style than the Berlin-school retro side.

drone on:

drone on:
Mike, have you thought about doing re-issues of Vir Unis' Atmoworks stuff?  It would be great to have some long out of print stuff like Mercury & Plastic and other solo Atmoworks releases issued on CD for the first time.  There's also the "Perimeter" series with James Johnson that were excellent as well, which are long gone in any physical format.   

I like Vir Unis's music but I don't expect to see any of it re-released on CD. John, the guy behind Vir Unis, really doesn't like the CD format, I guess for ecological or environmental reasons. He seems to be opposed to it on principle, and really has moved on to focusing on downloads.

As for your earlier suggestions, I hadn't heard of two of them, and wasn't able to find much information about AEM at all.


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