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judd stephens:
 Evan Marc aka Evan Bartholomew's work, especially the one with Steve Hillage called Dreamtime Submersible would be good Binary material.  Evan used to release his stuff on his own Somnia label, but the last release on that label was a while ago.

drone on:
Yeah, that "Dreamtime Submersible" is awesome. 

judd stephens:
It's placed right along with Unis & Stokes' Thermal Transfer in my best "groove ambient" ever list.

drone on:
Re: AEM.  This artist is from France I believe.  His music has appeared on several of the "Awakenings" compilations out of the UK.  The label is Ambientlive (www.ambientlive.com) run by John Sherwood. 

Sound samples and downloads are available at MusicZeit. 


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