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Alesis Andromeda A6 FS

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Julio Di Benedetto:
I would like to put this up here before it goes off to ebay......Alesis Andromeda A6 16 Voices Analog Synthesizer:  $1800

Im not going to go into what this is or does as its reputation is well known......I want to let you know why Im selling it for such a price when they are asking $4000+ on ebay, although they normally sell for more like $3500

First there are a few minor software issues.  During heavy programming the lcd screen can go blank.  A click of the program button restores it.  It does not happen often and barely interups programming but still is something potential buyers should be aware of.  Also the screen can get stuck, usaually ENV 2 screen...a random clicking of buttons releases the screen and returns it to what ever parameters you are actually editing.

Lastly there is  cosmetic damage where this board took a fall at some time in its life before I got it....see picture below.  You cant see it unless you look underneath and it has not effected the function of the synth.

Beyond these issues the Andromeda is  functioning fine, auto tune works as do all knobs.

I am not the original owner.  I purchased it in 2006.  It has the manufactures quality control sticker on the bottom that is date 01/26/01

Please email with any


P.S. Studio shot is circa 2009

Julio Di Benedetto:
The Andromeda is no longer available.

I think I could make do with that three-panel Serge quite as well :).


Julio Di Benedetto:
FYI....My Andromeda is back up on the auction block.  Its been serviced and restored. It is playing and sounding as it should!

Julio Di Benedetto:


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