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Almost finished (a work in progress is really never finished)


Wayne Higgins:
My son is still at it.  He's gotten to this point.
The first album, "Leave That World Behind" is now up.  When you click it on, it will play in your media player.

Wayne Higgins:

"It would be absolutely insane to expect anyone to play my music on their webspace."  This is what I wrote over a year ago.  Hour long tracks, 6 hour albums.  Just the announcement of "Oenyaw" would draw looks of horror from any radio program director.  The idea of having my own radio station is based on this principle.  Not as much total arrogance, just very different.  I take my music as works of art.  It is impossible for me to slice them up at the notion that when compromised, they will be accepted by a larger audience.  First point would be how to slice them up.  The second point would be what slices to dish out.  The thrid and main point is what larger audience?
Hidden withing the slicing up for mainstream (which is now manystreams) airplay, there is always the goal of producing an item that will be sold.  I decided not to sell my music to people who wanted to listen, rather make it free for those who will listen.  Therefore, the only logical way to make the music available is through a free site set up exclusively with my music, and totally free to listen and to download.
Anyway, Oenyaw will always be a working project.

You just need to find the right venues. For example, StillStream ( would accept your hour-long works. If you have any smoother, tonal long-form works, contact Tange at StillStream. He'd likely play them on his live show.
Netlabels such as BFW Recordings ( release multi-hour albums. No harm in sending one or two in for submission.

I salute you for not giving in to a "mold" and releasing the music you want to make and share.  ;D

Wayne Higgins:
Cool!  Thanks much.


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