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So is anyone pre-ordering and going to get to go into game 3 days ahead of non pre-orders? I did yesterday and am on fence if I want to blow $150 on the collectors edition for the art prints, figurine, etc....

Heard this thing looks amazing and that they have double the number of servers compared to the original. Also, original took 2Gb disk space, new one will require 25Gb of disk space!


I've been eyeballing this one for years (again). I had a hard time getting into the first one because you were pretty much forced to play with others. Soloing wasn't really an option after the game started proper.
Obviously, that sort of thinking is pretty much gone now for these games. Tera (another MMO I've just read about) blatantly says that you can solo the game if you like.
Anyway, the second one looks extremely promising. But I'll be waiting for reviews before plunking down any cash for it.

Downloaded the beta for GW2 for this weekends beta. Looking forward to hopefully getting into it! Now to contact a buddy to get his in-game char name so we can hook up and putz around in the game.

Here's an interesting preview to give those an idea what it's like.

I'll be playing the beta this weekend, as well. It definitely looks interesting, with some new ideas for the MMO genre in general. The first GW left me cold, as it was too heavily instanced, and felt very restrictive in where you could go, had no crafting or professions, and the classes didn't feel all that special.

It looks like the new game has learned a lot from those limitations, and gives you the ability to solo very well. One key difference in this game is the elimination of the holy trinity of the tank-damage dealer-healer convention. There is no dedicated healer class in GW2. Every class has the ability to go forth and do effective damage and use skills to help with survivability. Not only does that change the game when you're out by yourself, but it has the potential to make raiding and grouping up much more flexible and fun. That alone makes it worth a look.

The preview that Altus mentions also shows the art direction of the new game that I always thought the original hinted at, but couldn't pull off, so it will be interesting to go exploring in this new version of Tyria.


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