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Ele, Mes and Guardian are lvl 80, got some nice armor/acutriments for those 3 but need to grind for coin to get runes mats to make them or buy them due to the cost of them alone... Living Story was updated and I did 2 parts of it last night (watch discussion between Rytlok and the 2 others then assist them in battles). So it was a fairly big update recently (again). Got a human ranger and sylvari thief (finding them rather weak (thief) in general). Still grinding away and curse shore is a bear solo...

Well, 6 lvl 80 chars, most exotic gear/trinkets but still need to grind to get mats I need in the TP (Azurite Orbs). New events are brutal and lots of people doing them so some lag will occur.

Guardian - Greatsword/Scepter + Shield
Necro - Staff/Scepter and Warhorn/focus
Ranger - Longbow/Shortbow or Longbow + Greatsword or dual axes
Warrior - Greatsword or Dual Axes (prefer GS)
Mesmer - Greatsword or dual swords (interesting)
Elementalist - dual daggers running air/earth - fun to play

This past weekend they had a free preview if anyone knew of it. Content being added, Jubilee guantlet was a pita and haven't finished it...not sure I will!

Still trudging along, Ele almost done storyline, just have Zhaitan to beat up/kill to finish her storyline. Rest eventually...not in a rush, mainly grinding for mats to make better gear/trinkets as I leveled up. I have master craftsman (400) but they are raising that cap to 500 by years end which means making ascended/legendary gears but need all sorts of stuff to craft them = won't be cheap or fast unless you got a lot of money to blow. Some items in TP still 2K+ gold! NUTS!


Wow, no one playing GW2 at all here? So many content updates, and Wintersday is here (for a couple more weeks I think)! Dungeons are nuts, been doing them a bit more finally...need someone who knows them to help you set up utility skills for maximum efficiency/damage/defense though. 2 characters completed the storyline finally and still need 6% more mapped for Been There, Done That title....lol


There's simply too many games to play. (first world problems)


--- Quote from: Altus on January 08, 2014, 05:16:33 AM ---There's simply too many games to play. (first world problems)

--- End quote ---

Haha, a buddy from PWI is now in Never Winter Nights Online (also put out by PWI folks). I may look into it. But with GW2 and the end of the Scarlett story (been going on for like almost a year now) it's interesting (1 of the 2 areas I've done 4/5 lanes for the living story so need to get last one done and get more items for her lair for the chest(s) in it = multiple runs on both areas...). But I like its tweakability for stuff and the current new events are actually fun (priors were ok too) and it gets insane, lag, overflow, etc...but i am still in there grinding away. I have 7 or 8 lvl 80 chars now (ele, war, guard, ranger, mes, thief (newest), necro, mesmer. Been updating warrior (asuran female ball of fury lmao) but there is a nerf coming for berserker builds, change to crit to ferocity, etc...just a start from the devs to better *balance* things in *their* minds for the game. That's already pissed off a lot of people from their comments. But from what I understand berserker will lose about 8-10% max dmg....and runes/sigils are also going to be mucked with. And I heard Celestial stat stuff is going to get hosed...that means any Ascended stuff you made will take a big hit....

Anyways, Pain Kometh, Scary/Siren/Quickshot/Sneaky/Madness/Cutey Kometh are my in-game char names, send a friend list invite if you are in game and send me an email so I know who it is and we'll figure out when to party together!



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