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Diablo 3

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So who has pre-ordered this one? An oldie but goodie from Blizzard. I did and am going to see if I can get into the beta which I believe is happening this weekend. GW2 I heard was next weekend for another beta.


Yup. Pre-ordered, along with seven other close friends.  Too bad multiplayer is only four players.  ;D
We've all been looking forward to playing it for too many years. Heh... Hopefully it doesn't suck.  ;)

Pre-ordered and looking forward to it. Just finished playing in the open beta and had a blast. I got to try out all five classes and love three of them.

The only problem with Diablo in general, is when you look up at the clock and mutter, "Uh-oh."

I've avoided it so far. Diablo II was some of the best video gaming time I've ever had, so I'm sure I'll give in eventually.

Was a bit ticked as I was unable to get into Diablo 3 this past weekend....but not too surprising.


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