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Lost at Dunn's Lake


A question, although perhaps this belongs in the "non-Hypnos" thread.  Does anyone know a source for this record: James Johnson w/ Stephen Phillips "Lost at Dunn's Lake" that is not an mp3 download?  Was this record ever physically released?


Brian Bieniowski:
Hi there.  A couple of years back (probably around 2001ish) it was released on CDR by Dark Duck and Zero Music.  This was the early days of ambient CDRs, so it was inkjet printed inserts, etc.  Great disc.

This reminds me of something I was curious about.  Now that James Johnson and Hypnos are aligned, can we expect to see any "deluxe" (as in traditional silver) CD reissues of some of the brilliant JJ back-catalog?  Many of my old CDRs have gone the way of the warped disc dodo.

Ah yes,Lost at Dunn's Lake is a great disc.Perfect for taking with you on vacation to just unwind to.That disc and Slow Heat are perhaps my favorite for meditation.

This album has also been getting a lot of discussion on the mailing list lately.

As for a Hypnos repressing of LADL, it wouldn't be too far-fetched, especially given that both artists have released things on Hypnos.  We'll see how things work out, and how much new stuff James cranks out, too.  If he's cranking out new releases so fast Hypnos can barely keep up, reissues might be less likely.


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