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bunch of cd's for sale
« on: May 07, 2012, 05:59:42 PM »
Hey all,

I am moving and have a few cd's to sell.  They are categorized by condition with numbers 1-3.  *1- very good to excellent conditon, little to no scratches    *2- good to very good, moderate surface scratches  *3  good or acceptable condition, many light surface scratches.   Please note that none of these affect the play.  If you're extremely concerned about surface scratches, only the ones marked *1 may interest you.  If you're not as concerned with the look of the cd and just with the sound and artwork, any of these will be fine.  All come with original artwork. Just send me message if you have a question about the condition and I'll describe with detail.
I prefer to ship without jewel cases (well padded packaging though) but if you do want the case, I'll provide them in new to very good cases.

Here we are:

Robert Rich - Bestiary *1  $7

Robert Rich- Yearning *2  $3

Calabi-Yau-   Compactified (nice deep space from Faria label) *2 $9

Mathias Grassow and Thomas Weiss - Outland (Faria) *3  $7

Sostrah Tinnitus- Nebra *1 $8

Erik Wollo- Emotional Landscapes *1  $7

Steve Roach- Landmass *3  $8

Al Gromer Khan - The God Perfume II  (pretty rare, cheapest used copy I've found has been 22 dollars) *3 $15

Jason Corder & Opium- Autunno *1  $8

Vadim Bondarenko- Quiet Songs from Misty Places *1 $9

Raison D'etre- Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness *2 $7

C.J. Mind & Man Info.- The Experiment (more excellent music from Faria label) *2  $8

Steve Roach- Holding the Space:  Fever Dreams II   *1, borderline $9

Todd Fletcher- Star (another rare and out of print cd) *2 $12

Various- Shapes and Phases of Ambient (Relapxycho.0, Quantec, and Deer) *2 $6

Oophoi & Faryus- Forgotten Rituals *2 (artwork intact, missing Faria's plastic sleeve but can provide if I don't sell 1 of the other Faria Cd's) $8

Shipping- just let me know what you want and I can give you a shipping quote
If you want with or without jewel cases where appropriate please specify
prefer paypal as payment option -just message me. 

ps If you want to buy the whole bundle I'll do it for $115.  Can ship international.

I may update the list if I see others to sell- thanks for looking.
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