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Started by drone on, May 09, 2012, 10:19:02 AM

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Any DCD fans wondering what happened to the album Brendan and Lisa were supposed to be working on last winter?  Their summer tour tickets have already been on sale but there is no info anywhere about a new album.  Brendan's website has had no news, and I can't find anything when I do a Google search. 

It's looking like the 2012 tour will be similar to the 2005 tour in that there was no new material.  Much as I love DCD, I really think a tour should be supporting new material, otherwise it starts feeling like a nostalgia trip to make some quick money, like many 80's bands have been doing.  Don't know about Lisa, but judging from Brendan's solo tour last year, which was hands down one of the finest live performances (performance and sound quality) I have seen to date, I'd say the inspiration and ability is as strong as it ever was. 

If you have any info. on this planned 2012 release (whether it's happening or not), please let me know.  Thanks! :)

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Whoa, perfect timing!  Thanks!!!

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(Sorry, for those not wanting to click the link):  August 9 release date.  No title/label info. released as of yet. 

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Following that link, there's another link to the title:   Anastasis.  according to Brendan Perry it's Greek for "Rebirth"

I wonder what the greek term is for "cashing in"  ::)  Little joke there.

It'll be interesting to see what direction the album takes.  Maybe we'll see something totally new and different.  I did like the way they went out though with Into the Labyrinth and Spiritchaser.  Especially with Spirtchaser it had a less gothic feel and more of the tribal and festive side they always would display from time to time.   

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I'm hoping the new material  isn't tribal/world oriented,  but returns to using bass and guitars and keys for a more classical rock/symphonic sound as on the first three albums.


Got my pre-sale t-shirt and front row center tix yesterday. Looking forward to this show. I too am hoping for their new album to harken back to their 80s sound, though I'm not holding my breath. The last Brendan Perry is quite good though and if it's even remotely similar to that and Lisa's last titles I'm sure it'll be good.

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I thought the Perry disc was too electronic, but his live performance was fantastic with the perfect blend of gtr, bass, drums and keys.  The followup solo album was supposed to be out this spring but maybe It's being held back for DCD.  Cant wait until August!!!

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New DCD album title:  "Anastasis"

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"Anastasis" is out August 13.  For the cover art (gorgeous) and full songs previews go to YouTube!!  I can tell already this is going to be one of their best albums (better than Into the Labyrinth and Spiritchaser at the very least), it's a return to their 1985-1990 sound (classical/symphonic and rock--yay!!!!!) and the songs I've heard so far are jaw-droppingly beautiful!!! These songs hit me right away as being great, always a good sign.  Choice cuts so far: "Return of the She-King," "Amnesia" (I believe this will be a single), "Chilidren of the Sun."  I've been listening at work and I've forgotten all about how much I hate my job.  My eyes were tearing up with emotion , that's how good these tracks are.  In fact I was afraid I would start sobbing like a baby at my desk.  Luckly I held it back.  :D   

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Sorry, it is August 14, not 13. 

NOW WHERE ARE ALL THE DCD FANS HERE????!!!  Don't tell me you only got time to listen to Steve Roach. 

You don't need to wait until then to hear the album.  Now check out those new songs on YouTube (in fact the whole album, track by track, is up there) and post your reactions here!!  8)

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Well, if anybody cares (or not) the videos for all the album tracks were taken down from YouTube by DCD due to legal/copyright reasons.  So guess you'll have to wait until August...


Thanks for letting us know about the tracks but I just now saw your post so I missed out. Glad to hear that the new album is a good one, I'll give it a spin once its out. Now, back to more Steve Roach.  :P ;D
Take care.

- Loren Nerell

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Apparently you can stream/preview the whole album at DCD's site. 


I guess I will add my input on DCD.
During the week of Tangerine Dream in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles I meet a TD fan from Ventura who mentioned DCD at the Santa Barbara gig. Last week after coming down from a Dream high from the Club Nokia show I started to pull out some of my DCD cd's. A little research on the internet and a few albums later I went ahead and purchased a ticket to the Gibson Theater on Aug 14. I remember reading that they were getting back together and doing a new album and tour. I downloaded some of the new songs from utube. They are sounding great. Cant wait till the release. I cant wit to see DCD live. Never have. Should be funtastik.

And for those who care. . . .Tangerine Dream sounded awesome at Club Nokia. A 3+ hour show with old and new songs. Mostly older classics from Ricochet, Rubycon, Poland, Underwater Sunlight, etc. No, it's not the T Dream of the 70's or early 80's, but this years Dream was just as good. Of the last 10 TD concertds I've seen the Club Nokia was the best.

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Weird thing about DCD show here in the Bay Area (at Greek Theatre in Berkeley)--it's BEFORE the new album is released (???)

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So who went to these shows?  Anyone? It's hard to tell from a cell phone video with tinny sound on YouTube how good these shows were.  I understand they performed the entire new album, with the remainder being their "hits" more or less.  Still greatly enjoying the new album..


I will be going this Friday.will watch from FOH position,from what I have seen on YouTube,the setup is the same as last time.
Set list is a balance,plenty of new mixed in with a few old.
My third time seeing them.


Went last week to the LA Gibson show. First timer. Awesome. Unlike anything I saw. Not TD like but different. Notsure if they played the entire new album. But what they did play I knew 70%. Glad I went.


Listening to the new album now, enjoying it. Cool stuff.
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